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Excelsior Hotel

by Moo

Grupo de amigos, 4/2009

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We loved the Excelsior Hotel because we had an excellent experience with the hotel in Frankfurt where the staffs there were very helpful and friendly.

When we decided to come to London the London Excelsior was our first choice. However such a disappointing.

We made reservation from April 10-14. However the hotel charged us for the nights of 10-13 and gave the rooms to others for the night of 14.

We came back to the hotel in the evening of 14 only to find that the maids threw our things in bags and left them at the lobby.

We had to find places to stay at that night. Not so impressive. We decided to cancel our reservation at this place after our trips from France and Scotland.

Other comments: the cleanness was not good. We requested for a cloth in front of the bathroom but the front desk said we shoud use our towel! Well they did not change our towels everyday either.

London Excelsior was the only item we felt for our trip this time. We still liked the one at Frankfurt. Patcharee

Qué apreció Usted más de su estancia?
location that was at the city center.

¿Qué le gustó menos de la estructura?
the staff.

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